Miss uom contest 2017

The Rays Club is one of the biggest clubs/societies under the supervision of the Students’ Union of the University of Mauritius. One of its main events is the Miss University of Mauritius which is at its 7th edition. The said event is a beauty pageant competition exclusively for female students of the University of Mauritius. The theme for this year is “A girl, an ocean” which has been chosen to put forward the importance of women in our society. By using the term ocean we want to point out that a woman is a meaning to life. Someone who loves, who cares. A woman according to the Rays Club is the most respectable entity in our society. A woman has always exhibited diversified qualities, in the different roles that she plays in her life - as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter and of course a source of inspiration. Our lives are so influenced by women that we can't deny them their significance in our life. The Miss University of Mauritius’ main objective is to find a group of students who will fight against the scourges of the society, providing a platform for female students and for the concretion of ideas and concepts through various events. Our goal is to redefine the concept of beauty in our society, beauty that shall henceforth be defined in a woman as her intellectual endeavors, creativity, confidence, leadership skills, and talent, not solely based on physical beauty. This competition will favorably impact the mindset of people and their perception.