Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act 2004 along with its applicable regulations protect your personal information. Zen Ways Ltd (the ‘Company’) does collect and store some personal information as provided to it by you. By using this website, you are deemed to be accepting the terms of this policy (the ‘Privacy Policy’).

What personal information does the Company collect?

The Company only collects personal information that is necessary to carry out its activities of allocating funds towards crowdfunding projects. Personal information held by the Company may include your name, e-mail address and donation history.

How does the Company collect personal information?

The Company collects information directly from you, through your communications with it via its website.

Access to information collected

Your personal information will not be shared with third parties, however, the Company will comply with requests from law enforcement or other government agencies with the legal right to access your information should there ever be a situation warranting such access.

How does the Company use your personal information?

The Company’s primary objective is to facilitate the funding of the various projects of individuals. As part of this, the Company may use your personal information to contact you to thank you for your donations or to keep you up to date with its charitable activities.

Disclosure of personal information

In the course of carrying out its activities, the Company may need to disclose some of your information to third parties. These may include the Company’s banks and online payment gateway.

How does the Company protect your personal information?

The Company respects your privacy and shall take the requisite measures to protect your personal information in compliance with applicable laws. Online, the Company uses industry standard techniques such as firewalls and encryption to ensure any information passed through its website does not fall into the wrong hands. Credit cards payments made online are processed by a secure payment gateway. Information collected and held by the Company is available only to those staff who require access in order to do their jobs. This means that only the Company’s finance and donor care team have access to information about any donations you make to it or receive from it.